Cold storages with Controlled Atmosphere (CA)
are the next step towards modern methods of fruit preservation.


The main task of CA cold storage is to store fruit in such conditions that even after 10 months they are of the highest quality, that is they do not lose their freshness, juiciness and flavour. In short, fruit look and taste as if they were just picked from the tree!

Controlled atmosphere in a storage room ensures preservation of very low oxygen concentration (about 1,8%), at the expense of an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide (around 2,2%), in relation to the composition of atmospheric air where O2 reaches 20,95 and CO2 0,03%. In addition, appropriate temperature is set. This system allows to slow down the process of fruit ripening in a natural way, thus limit the process of breathing to the minimum. Thanks this it dosen’t lead to formation of ethylene in the presence of which fruit ripen.