Fruit: big, spherical and tubby-like, often a little flattened, oily skin, strong, green and yellow, almost completely covered with carmine and cherry red colour and bluish wax coating, white pulp, fragile, fine, juicy, sweet with moderate acid content, very tasty.

Fruit: middle-sized, spherical and tubby-like, ribbed a little mainly in calyx’s part, dry skin, a little glossy, green and yellow, sometimes from the sunny side with a delicate salmon-like colour.

Fruit: big, spherical and flattened, thin skin, after ripening greenish and yellow. Orange and red blush or sandy and mottled one.

Fruit: middle-sized (or small), spherical or spherical and tubby-like, smooth skin, yellow and green with a red blush, fuzzy-striped, yellow pulp, dense, juicy, sweet.

Fruit: middle-sized, smooth and dry skin, green and yellow, from the sunny side covered with brick-red blush, calyx and stalk hollow, white and yellowish pulp, dense, juicy, sweet, a bit sour, very tasty.

Fruit: very big, spherical and tubby-like balanced in relation to shape and size. Skin of medium thickness, smooth and a little oily, covered with fuzzy carmine blush.

Fruit: very big, spherical and tubby. Skin of medium thickness smooth and a little oily, covered with fuzzy carmine blush.